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Struggling to drive quality traffic to your Magento site? Need SEO specialists to help you rank higher in the search engines and boost conversions? You’ve come to the right place.

We can help you embrace all the Magento SEO services. For years we’ve been helping businesses like yours to optimize their Magento websites with hundreds and even thousands of product offerings. Those businesses have already got to the top, so what's about yours?

Magento SEO

Magento SEO Issues That We Solve

Product URLs Optimization

Product URLs

We check and optimize all your URLs to make sure your website includes only top-level URLs. This way we create the right ‘path’ for the search engines that quickly find the needed answer to your potential customers’ questions and land them on the right page on your site.

Product Pages Optimization

Product Pages

We help you to create a unique description for every product page, natively add keywords, titles, and optimized images. The search engines give priority to properly optimized product pages - we make sure it’ll be your pages.

Configurable Products Optimization

Configurable Products

We add the right attributes to your product such as size, color, model, etc. We also prevent the duplicate variants for your configurable products and make sure the search engines index them well.

Website & Page Loading Speed Optimization

Website & Page Loading Speed

Slow loading speed negatively impacts not only on user experience but SEO side too. The search engines consider slow Magento sites as not user-friendly, but we can help you fix it.

Product Tags and Titles Optimization

Product Tags and Titles

We add the needed titles and tags to all your website pages including relevant keywords and making sure they match the most optimal length. This way the search engines can better ‘scan’ your website and match it with customer inquiries.

Product Categories Optimization

Product Categories

We can organize your product pages into categories and make them easy to understand and search. With the right URL structure for your product categories and product pages, your website becomes logical, user- and search-friendly.

5 Steps to Getting Your Magento Site Rank High

We examine your site and fix possible SEO issues including domain, duplicate content, sitemap, title tags, meta descriptions, and page speed. We analyze your competitor's sites to help you turn their pain points into your advantage.

We find and optimize keywords that help you rank higher and drive quality traffic using the following tools: Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest.

We optimize and configure your product categories and product pages making sure they comply with all the needed SEO parameters from titles, images, descriptions to URL's, links and beyond.

We optimize the loading speed of your Magento site and its pages including:

  • Use full page caching
  • Compress product images
  • Enable flat catalog
  • Configure and optimize your server

We add Google Analytics to your site and explain how to you can track traffic, or we can track it for you.

Why Trust Your Magento Site SEO Optimization to Us?

Your clients and prospects will find you easily online. All you need is the thorough Magento site optimization and a wisely planned SEO strategy. We're experts in both. In addition to our expertise and experience, we use the most powerful SEO tools and software to help you higher in search engines and bring ready-to-buy customers to your Magento site.

Stop losing clients and prospects - let us take care of the SEO stuff.

Why trust your Magento site SEO optimization to us?