Magento Performance Optimization

Magento Server Setup & Configuration

Wondering how to optimize Magento site so that it was speedy and worked in full force? You've come to the right place.

We have extensive experience in Magento performance optimization.

Your site speed depends on many factors, and we know them of all inside-out. From analyzing the file system performance located on your server to your clients' distance proximity, we take into account everything that can boost your site performance.

Struggling to configure your new server for Magento? Or maybe your new server fails to work properly and deliver the expected results?

Magento is a complex platform that requires a special approach when it comes to server optimization.

We provide the configuration services specifically for Magento and can help you set it to work the right way.

Magento Server Setup & Configuration
Magento Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization Steps:

Measure and analyze your current site speed

Analyze the hosting provider and your tariff plan

Analyze server environment

Monitor your site to determine downtime and peak loads

Developing recommendations on optimization

Implementing the needed actions

Final Measurements and stress testing

Tools and Techniques That We Use to Optimize Your Site

For server:

  • Varnish / LightMage / FPC cache. Redis / Memcached
  • Updating old PHP versions to new ones (PHP 5.x → PHP 7.x)
  • Nginx / Litespeed instead of Apache, or Apache optimization
  • Content compression
  • Tweaking MySQL server
  • Elasticsearch Engine
  • Switch to HTTP 2
  • Implementing CDN Solutions

For site:

  • Review your code with Xdebug / Xhprof / Blackfire. Detect and removal or improve the buggy code
  • Compress and merge JS / CSS files
  • Optimize database queries
  • Image optimization
  • Site optimization for AMP status
  • PWA application development

In some cases, it is possible to accelerate the site speed by 2-4 times compared with a non-optimized version.


We Can Help You With:

Set up your server from scratch to fully working condition

Optimize your existing server

Assess the current state your server and come up with recommendations on where to improve

Migrate and configure your server

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Want your business start growing today with our team? Contact us!