Magento 2 Migration

So, you think it’s time to migrate? Magento migration seems like a complicated and risky process for many business owners. Partially it’s true.

However, if done with knowledge, your Magento 2 migration process will cause neither issues nor downtimes. Moreover, it’ll result in improved site performance meaning better experience for your consumers and prospects.

Why wait for June 2020 when Magento 1 will end its days and migrate in a hurry? Make use of all Magento's new versions already now by migrating your Magento 1 store to Magento 2. Our team can take care of your site and make the migration process easy, issue-free and safe.

Magento 2 Migration

Magento 2 Migration Process


We analyze your Magento 1 site and all its extensions. We assess the complexity, resources, time and cost of the project, so you had a clear roadmap of your migration process. We also pre-select the needed modules due to be added further and plan the design changes. We consult you on hosting that meets your business requirements. Once all is agreed we move further.

Setting the Environment and Installing New Magento 2:

We set the environment for your new M2 site keeping in mind all the best practices of the entire Magento community. You won't need any additional server or speed optimization - you'll get the maximum of your future Magento 2 site by default. When the environment is ready, we install Magento 2.

Installing the Modules:

We recreate all the functionality of your Magento 1 site to make it working on Magento 2. We review the Magento 2 versions of your current extension and contact the vendor to make sure it’ll comply with your site. If there’s no Magento 2 version for your current M1 module, we’ll find and advise you on its best alternative.

Synchronize Magento 1 to Magento 2 Data:

This stage is the most crucial. Here we transfer data from your databases to the new M2 version. First, we will automatically synchronize the main part of the database using the built-in Magento tools. After that, we transfer the data of third-party modules automatically or manually.


We are trying on a new design for your fresh Magento 2 store. And we’ll see to it that every single icon, button and line were at the right place so that your new Magento 2 site looked flawless.


We will test all the functionality so that your customers do not have to do it for us. We check manually and automatically all the critical functionality of your Magento 2 site. From order placement to making sure your social networking icons link with the right pages, we set everything like clockworks.

Final Review and Preparations:

Within the development of a new Magento 2 site, your M1 site accepts customer orders meaning new data added to your database. Now it’s time to get your new Magento 2 to work. We guarantee you the minimum possible downtime at this stage. The final database synchronization made, and...

Your New Magento 2 Store Online:

After your Magento 2 store rolls out online, we support you further making sure that everything goes well. We provide timely feedback, answer all your questions and resolve any issues that you may come across.

Want Your Business Start Growing Today with Our Team? Contact Us!

Want your business start growing today with our team? Contact us!